Why choose Sports Massage..

Sports Massage IS NOT just for athletes!

Do you have a pain which has been nagging you for a while?

Feel the need to stand up and stretch off when sat/stood for too long?

Are you sat at a desk 9-5 5 days a week?

Have aches and pains in your neck/back/legs making you feel sluggish?

Feeling your aren't able to reach your potential?

If you've answered YES to any of them questions then book a Sports Massage TODAY!

What are the benefits of Sports Massage?

  • Release tension that has built up within muscles 

  • Reduces pain associated with tight muscles 

  • Improve range of motion and flexibility

  • Improve blood flow to speed up recovery by removing any toxins 

  • Increase relaxation and sleep quality

  • Decreases stress

  • Increase mitochondrial development (power source for muscles)

  • Improves performance 

  • Improves mental state 

The importance of appropriate rehabilitation...

Rehabilitation is SUCH an important area of recovering from injuries and reducing the chance of this injury occurring again. 

As a Sports Therapist, my time with you doesn't stop when you no longer have pain. I work with you all the way back to full fitness if not better, meaning we set goals month in, month out, progress, and get you back to competing and leading a healthier life. 

Appropriate rehabilitation is needed to ensure the exercises given are specific to YOU, and if you play sport, specific to YOUR SPORT AND POSITION. 

  • What would the benefit be of a rugby player having the same rehabilitation as a ballet dancer?


  • What would the benefit be of starting a rehabilitation programme and stopping after 2 weeks because you no longer have pain?


Rehabilitation is a thorough process, that needs time, persistence and motivation to get the most out of this. Small improvements are better than no improvement, therefore small improvements week in, week out add up to big improvements over time.  Rehabilitation cannot stop when pain isn't present anymore. Pain shows there is damage, however, when recovering, pain will disappear, yet the injured area isn't 100% healed, therefore rehabilitation needs to be continued until you're back to full fitness. The smallest increase in activity before you're injury is ready, could set you back weeks, if not further. There are several stages of rehabilitation that needs to be tested before returning to play, such as balance, change of direction, speed, endurance, ball work. These stages allow us to set goals and progress. 

This is why rehabilitation needs to be specific to YOU, to ensure you're building on the appropriate components of your sport and position, allowing us to reduce the chance of this injury from occurring again. 


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